Useful Links

The following are links to other websites and resources that you may find beneficial.

Ohio Land Records

Provides index access to public documents in the Williams County Recorder’s Office from October 25, 1999 to current. Documentation in the recorder’s office goes back to the beginning of Williams County land ownership. Our online data is kept current and once a document is recorded, the information should be visible within 24 hours. The system is not set up to access the physical document. Should you require copies of documentation, please note the Instrument number, Volume, and Page - bring this information with you to the Recorder’s Office where a copy can be provided. Also provides access to UCC filings.

Recorder’s Plats Search

It is possible to search through the plats from the Williams County Engineer’s site.

Ohio Recorder’s Association

Lists the current recorder’s of record for all counties within the State of Ohio, contact information, and regulations and fees as identified by Ohio Revised Code.

Records Center

Williams County Records Center is the primary repository for county records, both public and confidential. Records preserved and maintained by the Records Center are the institutional memory of Williams County. The Records Center streamlines costs, facilitates evidentiary value, and ensures that citizens will enjoy the protection and use of their records for centuries to come.

Auditor’s Office

Provides information on real estate pertaining to ownership. If you have a document that requires a conveyance fee, the Auditor’s office will provide this once the Engineer’s Office approves the legal description. The Auditor’s office also does dog licenses, vendors licenses, building permits, plat map books, and mobile home titles to name a few items. The Auditor’s website offers a real estate search as well.

Engineer’s Office

The Engineer's Office will review the legal description on certain documents and provide approval prior to the Auditor’s office providing their conveyance information.

Treasurer’s Office

The Treasurer's Office manages personal property and real estate tax. Must have validation that taxes have been paid on property prior to Auditor’s approval for many documents.

Clerk of Courts

Clerk of Courts handles passports, divorce records, and common pleas court cases.

Probate Court

Probate Court handles court cases including; estates, guardianship, trusts, birth registration and correction, marriage license, adoption, name change, adult protective services, mental commitments, and juvenile cases.

Planning Commission

Planning Commission handles zoning issues.