Real Property Valuation

The County Auditor is the Chief Assessor of real property in each Ohio county.

Triennial Update

The State of Ohio uses a six (6) year valuation cycle that requires all properties to be reappraised by the County Auditor every six years. The last reappraisal in Williams County took place with year 2018. Values are also updated half way through the six (6) year cycle.

This procedure, called a triennial update, revises values based upon actual sales/conveyance records from the previous three years. The next triennial update will be done in 2021. The next reappraisal update in Williams County will take place in 2024.

New Construction

New Construction value is added annually as the construction occurs. The County building permit system notifies the County Auditor's office of new construction and the need for reappraisal as a result thereof. Severe penalties may be assessed to those who fail to notify the County Auditor of new construction.

Reference "Building Permits / New Construction" for complete information or call the Auditor's office at 636-5639, ext. 5141.