Weights & Measures

As Sealer of Weights and Measures, the Auditor is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of weighing and measuring devices used commercially in the county. A good weights and measures program saves the average household hundreds of dollars each year. The weights and measures department seal protects both the buyer and the seller by ensuring marketplace equity.

Tested Areas

The following areas are tested by the weights and measures department:

  • UPC labels on products to verify the price marked is the price that is charged
  • Gasoline pumps to make sure you are receiving the amount of fuel indicated by the pump
  • Scales at groceries, meat counters, produce departments, and at registers are also certified for accuracy
  • Orchards and produce stands scales are checked seasonally
  • Scales at schools are certified during certain sporting events
  • Doctor's offices, weight loss clinics, and nursing homes are certified upon request
  • Commercial scales at elevators, quarries, and stock yards are also checked
  • Meters on commercial gas trucks (heating oil as well as petroleum)
  • Bagged products such as feeds and mulches for weight accuracy