Tax Map Department

The tax map office is located at the Office of the Williams County Engineer, 12953 County Road G. This office was relocated from the Williams County Courthouse in early 2005 to allow the engineer to have a more pro-active communications with this department.


The tax map office has several functions including reviewing legal descriptions on deeds to determine whether the current legal description is adequate, keep the tax map line work up to date with current property splits, subdivision, etc. New legal descriptions are checked for correctness including mathematical closure of the property boundary being described.

Brady Tax Map


During mid 2005, a new method for legal description review was developed for this department. The new system allows frequent users of the legal description review process to submit their legal documents to this department through our intranet via email. This department reviews the documents and returns them to the submitter with comments, or approval. 

This system has allowed the tax map department as well as the legal firms using the system greater efficiency in the legal description approval process.


The Legal Approval (PDF) document outlines the various methods that are available for obtaining review and/or approval of legal descriptions.


Conveyance Standards (PDF) provides a copy of the conveyance standards that have currently been adopted the Williams County Auditor and the Williams County Engineer.