Sanitary Sewer Department


The sanitary department provides service for nearly 1,500 customers.  It maintains 5 treatment plants and 3 lagoon type systems.  They provide routine maintenance on over 45 miles of conduit and around 700 structures.  These structures include manholes, pump stations, meters, valves, and grinder pumps.  All of this is done with two maintenance employees.


Please call us BEFORE calling a plumber.

Contact numbers are on the right

After Hours - Weekends - Holidays

Please call 1-866-845-6760 for assistance


To avoid penalty, payments must be received on or before the 22nd day of each month.  Failure to receive billing does not exempt customer from the amount due or the 10% late penalty.  Non payment may result in discontinuation of service.


Checks may be mailed, hand delivered, or placed in the drop box on the left side of the drive at the Williams County Engineer's Office.  Please write your account number on your check and make the check payable to:

Williams County Sanitary Engineer
12953 County Road G
Bryan, Ohio 43506

There is a $20 service fee on all returned checks.

Please notify the office of any address changes


The Engineer's Office is now able to accept card payments for Sanitary Sewer Bills. Please note, the online card payment service provider will charge a transaction fee in addition to your utility bill.

Thank you,

Accounts Receivable

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