Drainage Engineer Brian D. Fritsch, P.E has been  in charge of Williams County's Ditch Maintenance Department since January, 2005. He is a graduate of The Ohio State University, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agricultural Engineering (Soil and Water Conservation), and has been employed at the Williams County Engineer’s Office since 1997.

Other Staff

The other staff members for this department are Jami Burdine, Austin Siegel, and Tyler Michael. Jami has been with the department since November of 2021, and is responsible for providing technical assistance to Brian including the cost accounting for the ditch department, six year review of ditches, assistance with the GIS mapping system, assists the public with questions regarding drainage and many other internal functions in the drainage area. 

 Austin is the maintenance supervisor and has been with this department since 2008. Austin performs activities including annual inspection of the maintenance ditches to determine what type of maintenance will be required during the next year, which may include brush and vegetation spraying and repair of ditches and tiles. 

Tyler joined the department in early 2022 and performs daily maintenance activities throughout the more than 200 miles of open ditches and tiles that are under permanent maintenance.

Contact Us

Drainage is a very important component of our lifestyle in Williams County, and we take this issue very seriously. Please feel free to contact our staff if we can be of assistance in any way.