Permanent Maintenance Projects

All Landowners along Williams County Permanent Maintenance Projects

Under the direction of the Williams County Commissioners, per the Ohio Revised Code 6137, The Williams County Drainage Department will be conducting the 2013 annual inspections and/or maintenance activities on all Permanent Maintenance Ditches/Tiles. It should be noted that these inspections are performed on the maintenance ditches/or tiles each year. Maintenance will be performed as required by findings during the annual inspections and as approved by the Williams County Commissioners. If you aren't sure whether one of these ditches/tiles is on your property check out this Web App.  

In order to help keep maintenance costs as low as possible, please refrain from placing any type of restrictions or crops within the maintenance easement area. Due to the large volume of parcels located along the permanent maintenance structures, we will not call each individual property owner prior to inspections and maintenance activities. 

Additional Information

If you have any questions please call Todd Roth, P.E, P.S, Williams County Engineer, or Brian Fritsch, P.E, Drainage Engineer at (419)-636-2454, Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. or send an email.