Grand Jury

A grand jury term runs a length of four months beginning in January, May and September. If you are selected to serve as a grand juror for Williams County, you will be notified by mail from the Common Pleas Court approximately two weeks prior to the start of a jury term. The notification will include a jury summons with specifics on the first date you are scheduled to appear. 

Grand jurors are sworn in by the Common Pleas Court Judge on their first appearance. Grand Jury generally meets four times during the jury term on a Wednesday of each month, unless otherwise specified. It may be necessary during your jury term to meet for a “Special Grand Jury Session.” You will be notified by the Court if this should occur.


A selected grand juror will hear evidence presented by the Prosecutor’s Office about crimes and decide if a person should be charged and tried through Common Pleas Court for committing a crime. A crime is a violation of a law enacted by our legislature to protect our basic rights and freedoms. As a juror, you are expected to bring all the experience, common sense, and common knowledge you possess, but you are not to rely upon any private sources of information. 

Fair & Attentive

It is very possible that you may have read, viewed or listened to a report in the newspaper, on the radio or television about the crime you are hearing evidence regarding. You may only reach a decision on the charges upon the evidence received at the Grand Jury Session. You must remain fair and attentive throughout the session. 

You must not discuss the content of any Grand Jury Session with anyone throughout the term of your jury service or thereafter. The work of a grand juror is of the utmost responsibility and in the discharge of this responsibility you must be diligent in effort and conscientious in thought. Jurors must decide the facts and apply the law impartially, without sympathy or favor to rich and poor, to corporations and individuals, to men and to women, and to all accused without regard to race, color or creed.