Anna's House

Anna’s House is a separate 20-bed unit, built specifically to meet the needs of persons dealing with a memory impairment. The lighting, colors, furnishings and design of the building have all been selected based on the unique needs of the memory impaired person.

Two separate areas, Pleasantview and Shady Oaks, each provide living, dining and activity space for ten people. Warm, soft, colors create a calm, soothing, supportive, home-like environment. We have taken care to foster a relaxed, family atmosphere that helps to reduce the confusion and anxiety often accompanying memory loss.

Smells & Sounds

It is important to us and to our residents, that Anna’s House looks, smells and sounds pleasant at all times. The night shift will frequently start a loaf of bread in the bread machine so residents awaken gently to the pleasant, comforting aroma of fresh bread. Housekeeping staff may put on a relaxing tape of singing birds while they work. All staff interact with residents in a manner that is calming and reassuring and recognizes each person’s uniqueness as an individual.


Past patterns and personal preferences play an important role in the schedule residents like to keep. We do not expect individuals to conform to the rigid schedule of a set routine, but rather allow the mood and emotional state of the residents to determine activity choice. For instance, if an active game is planned but the staff member finds that residents are generally over stimulated, a different, more calming choice will be made. Mealtimes and resting times are also flexible based on residents preference and personal schedules.

Social Environment

Special consideration is given to the social environment of Anna’s House. Social contact and the opportunity to share past memories as they come to mind are very important. Memory-impaired individuals often lose contact with others. We encourage family and friends to visit as often as possible to maintain relationships that residents continue to need, especially, in his or her impaired state.

Positive Environment

We believe steadfastly in the worth of all human beings, regardless of their level of functioning or stage in life. At Anna’s House we combine highly specialized training with compassion and consideration to create an environment that nurtures and values each person.

A life should not be merely “lived out,” Our goal is to make each day fulfilling and pleasant. We are continually looking for ways in which we can enrich the daily lives of our residents.