Displaying Your Address Properly

Can emergency services find your house in a hurry? Unfortunately many people never give their address a second thought until an emergency occurs at their residence. The house numbering system in Williams County is set up so that emergency services can find a location in a hurry. It is so very important to you and your family to have your house clearly marked with your assigned address.


It is recommended that house numbers be at least 3 inches high. House numbers should be placed on your residence near the entry door facing the roadway. It is also recommended that rural addresses be posted close to the roadway on your mailbox or post. House numbers posted near the roadway need to be both reflective and readable from both directions.

Green, reflective house numbering signs can be purchased from the Williams County Firefighters Association for $10 each for Williams County residents and $15 each for non-residents. Contact your local fire chief to place an address sign order or download a copy of the order form (PDF). Print the form, complete it and return it to your local fire department with your payment.

Addresses for New Construction

The Williams County Communications Agency works in cooperation with the Williams County Health Department, Williams County Engineer’s Office, and the Williams County Auditor’s Office for the assignment of addresses for new construction in Williams County. The system’s design is to ensure that new addresses fit within the 911 / addressing scheme for the county. When building a new residence or business in Williams County, please follow the following steps:

  1. Contact Township Zoning Trustees for Zoning Permit if you are a resident of Center, Pulaski or Springfield Township (zoned townships).
  2. Go to the Williams County Combined Health Departments, 310 Lincoln Avenue, Montpelier, Ohio, or call 419-485-3141, for wells, sewage/septic system permits.
  3. Contact the Williams County Engineer’s Office, 12953 County Road G, Bryan or call 419-636-2454, for county sewer permit if located in a non-municipal area within a sewer district or for driveway permit.
  4. Contact the Williams County Communications Agency, 210 N Beech St, Bryan or call 419-636-8497 for 5-digit address assignment for emergency / 911 services.
  5. Contact the Williams County Auditor’s Office, 2nd floor of the courthouse, Bryan, or call 419-636-5639, for you building permit.
  6. Contact Williams County Planning Commission, 4th floor of the courthouse, Bryan, or call 419-636-2059 to verify if your property is located in a flood plain and purchase a permit if necessary.