Prevention, Retention, Contingency (PRC)

Ohio has established a Prevention, Retention, Contingency (PRC) program to provide services to low-income families to assist in overcoming immediate barriers to employment, and help families succeed in attaining and maintaining self-sufficiency. The PRC program offers an array of assistance to divert families from ongoing assistance by providing short-term non-assistance and helping employed parents maintain employment. “Non-assistance” is defined as a short-term benefit that does not meet recurrent or ongoing needs. The supports provided by this program are limited to non-recurrent, short-term, crisis-oriented benefits. This program is funded through the federal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program. 


PRC Application   PRC Plan

Required Verification’s include for all household members:

  • Photo Id
  • Social Security numbers
  • Resources (checking, savings, etc.)

All gross income received in the household 30 days prior to application.

Application/Verification email:

Eligibility factors must be met in order to receive PRC assistance. These factors include:

  • Residency in Williams County
  • Household must have 1 minor child or pregnant individual in 3rd trimester
  • Non-custodial parent
  • Total gross income of all household members is <200% or 250% FPL, depending on services.
  • Must work 20 hours per week or equal to the minimum wage at 20 hours per week. 
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