Nursing Home & Assisted Living


We recommend you review the Non-Service Connected Pension page. For veterans and their un-remarried surviving spouse a “Non-Service Connected Pension” may be approved to provided additional monies each month to pay for care in a nursing home or assisted living facility.


Remember, qualifying criteria include:

  • The time period in which you were on active duty
  • Your age
  • Your household assets
  • Your household income
  • Your household medical expenses
  • Your level of disability

This is not a benefit that every veteran qualifies for. All the same rules apply for a surviving spouse. The pension would be provided to those who are “private pay” in one of the facilities. For those who meet the criteria for pension (this must be a single veteran or a surviving spouse), but are Medicaid patients, they may be eligible for additional $90 personal needs money from the Department of Veterans Affairs. This money cannot be taken by Medicaid to pay for the facility services.

Wartime Veteran Meaning

Wartime veteran does not mean that the veteran served overseas or in the area of combat, only that he/she served during the period of time established by the VA as qualifying time.


The Williams County Veterans Service Officers are trained to evaluate each individual situation to help determine the best benefit possible. We welcome calls from veterans or family members.