Courthouse Art

Face Design on Wall Closeup
Face Design on Wall

Face in Fresco

If you look closely, faces can be found in the fresco work inside the courthouse on the second and third floors. It has been claimed (but so far unfounded) that these same faces can be found in the outside stone work higher up on the courthouse. One theory as to the origin of the faces is that a famous cemetery in Paris, France, is decorated with the same faces. This may be possible since architect EO. Fallis is said to have studied architecture in Paris.

Mural of Probate Court 1981

When the remodeling was completed at the probate court area, a blank wall stood begging for "something." That perfect something was provided by Mark Allison, a 1981 graduate of Bryan High School. At the request of Judge Harry Rigdon, Mr. Allison envisioned a mural depicting the early days of the courthouse area. Researching the idea, he finally came up with a picture of the courtyard and old bandstand in a scrapbook belonging to Grant Brown. Using the photograph as his inspiration, he started with a sketch, adding life forms to the landscape photo. 

He then did an oil painting to one-third scale and finally went to work on the courthouse wall, painting after school hours. The mural is 5 1/2 feet by 10 feet Below is a picture of Mr. Allison adding the final touches.

Man Painting Mural