General Jury Information

Parking Availability

Jurors should park on Lynn Street on the West side of the Courthouse as this is the only public access to the Courthouse.

Your Attire

Please use your best judgment and report for jury service properly dressed. Tee shirts, shorts, sweats, tattered jeans, and flip flops do not constitute proper attire for jury service. Business casual wear is a proper choice.

Where to Check in for Jury Service

When you report for jury service, you need to check in with the Clerk of Courts Office. This office is located on the third floor of the Courthouse.

Your Compensation

Along with the knowledge you will gain of our legal system when sitting as a juror on a trial and the feeling of having fulfilled a civic duty, when you report as a petit juror and sign in through the Clerk’s Office, you will be compensated $40 per a full day and $20 for a half day of service.

Meals / Snacks / Beverages

Jurors are provided free coffee, tea and water when reporting for service. When serving as a petit juror, you will be provided with ample free time for lunch during the duration of a jury trial. When serving as a grand juror, the session is normally concluded prior to noon. There are several restaurants in the Bryan area. If you are not familiar with the area, please ask a fellow juror who is or a member of the court staff. The jury room is equipped with a refrigerator if you desire to bring your own lunch.

Oath of a Juror

As a prospective juror who has been called for service and reports to the court, you will be asked to stand and to swear or affirm to answer truthfully all questions asked of you as to your qualifications to serve as a juror.