Marsy's Law: Victim's Bill of Rights

You have the right to:

  • Be treated with fairness and respect regarding your safety, dignity, and privacy.
  • Reasonable protection from the accused or anyone acting on his or her behalf.
  • Refuse to answer questions from the offender or any person representing the offender.
  • Proceedings that are free from unreasonable delay and a prompt conclusion of the case.
  • Receive a full and timely restitution.
  • Access to the attorney for the government.

You may request your right to:

  • A timely notice of all public proceedings involving the crime against you and to attend them.
  • Speak at any proceeding involving an offender's release, plea, sentencing, disposition or parole.
  • Receive notice if the offender is released or escapes.
  • Assert these rights yourself, through a representative, or by asking the prosecuting attorney. If your releif is denied, you may appeal to your local district court of appeals.