Real Estate Tax


Real Estate tax bills are generally due February 15th and July 20th. Real estate tax bills are mailed twice a year and are always a year behind. 

Payment Methods

  • Currently, Williams County accepts cash, check or credit card (by calling 800-463-8920 or visit Point and Pay) as payment for taxes. 
  • The taxpayer is also able to pay their taxes by automatic withdrawal from their bank account either semi-annually or annually.
  • For personal service, we accept payments in our office Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Watch When You Pay Taxes Through Your Mortgage Company

Approximately 30% of Williams County taxpayers pay their taxes through their mortgage company. This works well until their mortgage is paid off. If you recently paid your house off and did not receive a real estate tax bill, please call our office. If you recently refinanced with another lender, review all the closing statements carefully. Some lenders do not have the ability to collect taxes and insurance with the payment. When changes occur the lender must notify us in writing. If you should be receiving a tax bill and don't receive one in January or June, call our office immediately.

Delinquent Bills

  • Delinquent bills are mailed in September. The Auditor will prepare a listing of delinquent taxpayers for publication to local newspaper.
  • The taxpayer is ultimately responsible for taxes and can be charged penalty and interest if payment is late.

Penalty & Interest Dates

  • February 15th - First half taxes due (Last day to pay 1st half taxes without penalty.)
  • February 16th - 10% of the unpaid 1st half taxes will be added as penalty. If paid within 10 days after due date, 5% of penalty will be waived
  • July 20th - Second half taxes due (Last day to pay 2nd half taxes without penalty.)
  • July 21st - 10% of the unpaid 2nd half taxes will be added as penalty. If paid within 10 days after due date, 5% of penalty will be waived.
  • August 1st - Interest will be charged on unpaid prior years delinquency.
  • December 1st - Interest will be charged on total unpaid balance.

Additional Real Estate Programs

Homestead Exemption

This exemption gives a tax discount to people over 65 years of age or totally disabled people. For additional information on relief of tax burden, please contact the County Auditor's office at 419-636-5639. Deadline for filing is the 1st Monday in June.

Board of Revision

If you feel your property is valued too high, you may file an appeal with the Board of Revision. (Ohio Revised Code Section 5715.19) You must file with the County Auditor's Office between January 1st and March 31st.

Delinquent Contract Plan

This payment plan provides taxpayers with a vehicle for the payment of delinquent taxes while maintaining payment of current tax billings. The plan was developed to assist taxpayers who have been faced with financial problems and find themselves with delinquent tax balances. Taxpayers can now avoid foreclosure actions with the availability of this plan. Please contact Kellie at 419-636-1850 in the Treasurer’s office if you are interested. If you go on a delinquent contract and miss a payment, the contract will be void and foreclosure proceedings will continue.