Why check for new construction every year?

Yearly inspection of building additions and removals keeps the tax burden equitable for everyone in the county. Otherwise, a property with a new building might not pay taxes on that structure for as many as five years (that is, until the next revaluation). On the other hand, a property with a destroyed building could be paying taxes on a non-existent structure for up to five years.

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1. What does the new construction program do?
2. Why check for new construction every year?
3. Will someone visit my property?
4. What if no one is home during the day?
5. How does the County find out about new structures?
6. What happens if I don't report a new structure?
7. What is an "appraisal"?
8. Will I have a chance to discuss my new appraisal?
9. Will this new building affect my taxes?
10. When would a change appear on my tax bill?
11. How and why do taxes increase?
12. If I have questions, who do I call?